20 MIN FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT // No Equipment, No Noise

For a full 12 week home programme available in app form, go to www.natachaoceane.com for a free sample workout! A no equipment, no noise, no space 20 minute home workout you can do anywhere and follow-along easily ๐Ÿ™ For 60 unique home workouts, or any of my training and nutrition guides approved by a world-leading nutrition expert, go to www.natachaoceane.com โค๏ธ The 20 minute HOME workout: each exercise is performed for 45s and followed by 15s rest. The 20 exercises are listed below!

1. Invisible ball slams

2. Squat tap backs

3. Side plank extensions

4. Kneel to squat

5. Chameleon to plank

6. Lunge to knee drive twist

7. Opposite knee + toe touches

8. Assisted asymmetric push-ups

9. Pike to kick sit 10. Crab hip thrust

11. Reverse plank marches

12. Single leg hip lifts

13. Squat to calf raise

14. Lying hyperextensions

15. Back and forth bear crawls

16. Diagonal split squats

17. Alternating pivot squats

18. Spider plank extensions

19. Opposite extensions plank taps

20. Russian bicycle twists Cool down for

5-10mins with some light stretching (: