21 Spooky Awesome DIY Halloween Outdoor decorations

Trick or Treat! Halloween is fun not just because of costumes and candy, but also because of the spooky decorations. Even if Halloween guests – aka trick-or-treaters – never enter your home they’ll definitely see the outdoor decor of your home.

So, give it a festive feel with a spooktastic finishing touch. To do that, what’s better than crafting your own Halloween decoration and make everyone gaze in awe at your decor. And what more, they will also save you money on expensive store-bought decor items and make your decor look unique.

These easy to create spooky DIY Halloween decoration ideas will impress trick-or-treaters and party guests alike.

1. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Halloween decor diy

DIY Found From: Instructables

This climbing skeletons decoration idea is going to transform your home into a realistic haunting den and perfect to freak the neighbors out, just by some clever placements and a bit of sewing. You can easily make some inexpensive plastic skeletons climb your house and it can be the most frightening roof decors out there.

This will surely make your home the talk of the town during Halloween. What more? These are easy to make as well.

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