54 Ways to Save Money

51. Ditch the paper: Cutting out paper towels and using cloths and napkins that you can simply wash and reuse is a simple way to save.

52. Become a Coupon King or Queen. We all know that couponing can save you lots of dough! Even simply couponing for those essential household staples like toilet paper and cleaning supplies can add up quickly (and so will your stockpile!)

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Transportation Savings Tips

53. Comparison shop for auto insurance. Before renewing your existing auto insurance policy each year, check out the rates of competing companies.

54. Check multiple sites for low airfares. Want to plan your dream vacation for cheap? Don’t rely on a single airline search engine to show you all inexpensive fares. Some discount carriers do not allow their flights to be listed in these third-party searches, so you need to check their websites separately.

Looking for more tips, resources, and accountability to help you along your savings journey?

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