Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer At Home l DIY Hand Sanitizer Tutorial

Our lives have come to a standstill as all of us are locked down at home worrying about the safety of our loved ones due to CoVid-19. Hygiene has been a major talking point lately as hand sanitizers are sold out in most countries. And as a mother not only is it important for me to stock up all necessities at home but its a difficult time as children aren’t in school, aren’t attending birthday parties or being allowed to go out. Hence as part of home schooling my daughter Samairra, I decided to teach her how to make her own hand sanitizer. All of you can try this at home and in fact, its chemical free and 100% original as many duplicates are being sold in the market! And as an activity its great to teach a child in the current climate and as a bonus they are partly learning science as well as art too!